Are you confused about conflicting nutrition information online?

Are you tired of fad diets, feeling restricted, and not reaching your goals?

Are you ready to feel amazing and less stressed about nutrition?

Curious about a plant-based lifestyle?

Do you want support/guidance from a registered dietitian?

Are you tired of other people’s opinions and just want nutrition to be simplified?

Are you looking for a supportive community with like minded individuals on a similar journey to you?

This is a 7 week small group coaching program where you will learn the foundational nutrition knowledge and habits to set you up for success long-term.

Included in this program:

  • Weekly modules with action items to work on
  • Weekly live video calls for Q&A and discussion (replay available)
  • Access to Facebook group for community support and engagement
  • Handouts/recipe ideas/grocery list
  • Opportunity to schedule 2 check-ins with me during the 7 weeks (30 min each)


  • Feel more CONFIDENT about how to fuel your body.
  • Navigate social situations with confidence and EASE, enjoying the moment while keeping your goals in mind.
  • Gain basic nutrition knowledge and REAL LIFE APPLICATION
  • Understand how to BALANCE optimal guidelines with your personal preferences and lifestyle to make it sustainable. 
  • Learn methods to SIMPLIFY meal-prepping and fueling your body. 

I am capping this program at 8 individuals so I can give attention to and connect with each person- enroll now to claim your spot!

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